Hot New Romance Story – “Could This Be Love?”

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Could this be love?

Deborah Benson

The most pleasurable thing that could ever happen to a person is having his or her dreams come true! But then storms will rise, faith might shake, the lights might grow dim. How on earth will a blurry view ever escape the tempest?

Kimberly Johnson had always wanted to work at the Grey’s Resort, but she never knew that she’ll be working at the dance hall of the firm with the selfish Dakota Grey as her new boss. Dakota Grey only cares about money and not the source, so whatever it takes is what she would do, even at the expense of her workers health. Serena the best dancer was once her prey but now she’s stale it’s time for Kimberly Johnson.

Kimberly Johnson falls in love with John Grey at the resort and she feels like the universe will never allow her to have a reason to be sad again.

But then her new boss Dakota Grey is too selfish to allow for freedom, she had done the same with Serena and it won’t be repeated, especially now with the Greedy and Wealthy investor, Luscious.

With some nerve calming pills given by her boss, Kimberly will get herself on the dance stage even though her health keeps deteriorating.
But for how long will Kimberly bare with this? How strong is she, to strive for freedom? How much would it take to redeem her soul from a dying stage dancer to the real Kimberly Johnson? It doesn’t look like this cloud would ever be lifted. It’s more like a dead end.

Well, you should find out what love is capable of in this mind blowing romance.


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