Centuries had passed when the birds sang your praise,
Decades had passed too when the squirrel told
your fame to the earth.
Centuries have we waited,
Centuries not wasted.
Centuries have we heard of a child to be born,
Centuries have we heard of the promise
Of a child to be born in our midst.
A child great and dear,
A friend an eraser of ample fears.
Within you I have found that great friend,
A friend who gave my fears in return for reality.
Your joy shall know no sorrow,
Nothing shall delay your progress not even the
popular go-slow.
You shall rise above thick and thin
your life shall radiate like the sun’s beam.
Happy birthday great one
happy birthday, have fun
Oyin you’re a gift to nature
No blemish you’re such a wonderful and perfect
From your humble friend

© Modest King

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23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Oyin

  1. Happy birthday Oyin
    God will take you to greater heights..thank you for blessing us with this blog
    You are appreciated
    Long life and prosperity

  2. Hundreds of years had passed when the flying creatures sang your acclaim,

    Decades had passed as well when the squirrel told

    your popularity to the earth.

    Hundreds of years have we held up,

    Hundreds of years not squandered.

    Hundreds of years have we knew about a youngster to be conceived,

    Hundreds of years have we knew about the guarantee

    Of a tyke to be conceived in our middle.

    A tyke incredible and dear,

    A companion an eraser of abundant feelings of dread.

    Inside you I have found that awesome companion,

    A companion who gave my feelings of trepidation as a byproduct of reality.

    Your happiness might know no distress,

    Nothing might defer your advance not in any case the

    prominent go-moderate.

    You should transcend thick and thin

    your life should emanate like the sun's pillar.

    Cheerful birthday extraordinary one

    cheerful birthday, have a fabulous time

    Oyin you're a blessing to nature

    No flaw you're such a superb and great


    From your unassuming companion
    Olaxali's Blog

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