The Last Smile – New Romance Story

Story by Adeola Nissi

His name is Raymond;  James Ray; A popular Artist; he loves painting  but stopped after his passion had become a pain  and posed threat to his peace. In the middle of all these, he had to help a dying lady dumped by the road side. He had found joy  in helping the dying beauty but Tinuke, his fiance would have none of that and she got him tired with her nagging.

The whole world seem to be in search of the fair goddess Raymond had saved but she would prefer to stay with him than to be found!

The past begin to take its toll on Raymond, Lucy seem to be the Peace he seeks but she’s engaged to someone else; Tinuke is not likely to give up easily also.

Barrister Teju; Lucy’s best friend’s heart has been shattered by her fiance.
Fred had always loved Lucy but she seems in love with another guy, and this had made him act recklessly, tagging him a wanted Criminal…

As life starts to work its magic, secrets were unveiled… Who is Brenda? Who’s Lucy? What was Fred’s offence? All characters are connected in the most amazing manner…  But then, He who Smiles Last, Smiles the best.

You’ve got to read this!!!

Trailer written by Anu Ogunsanya

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