In the middle of a thick forest he was, oblivious of how he got there or why he was there, yet something inside of him forced him to forge ahead, he was scare,  yet determined. He kept on walking forward, even when it seemed like there was nothing up ahead, he still forged on. After walking tirelessly and aimlessly for a while, he saw something that caught his attention. Right in the middle of the forest, he saw a tree that wasn’t in anyway like the rest of the trees surrounding the forest. The tree had fewer branches but it’s leaves looked greener that the rest. He walked towards the tree and suddenly felt the need to rest, he sat under the tree with his back laid by the stem as support. It was barely few minutes after he sat down that he realised that there was a mountain just behind the tree.

Without thinking  twice, he had started climbing the rock, slowly, steadily and tirelessly he climbed to the top of the rock. The view from the rock top was so beautiful, so much that he was astonished at the beauty of the Empire from his view. Even the palace was right in his angle of sight, the beauty of the palace was magnified from the rock top too. He was about to sit down when he saw another thing that caught his attention again, he moved closer to the object, it was like a small pot covered  up with leaves, he bent down to pick the pot up, he observed the pot for a while, the colour of the pot was not a regular one, not one he has seen in all his life. He then took the leaves of the pot as he uncovered it, a peep at the pot and a powerful lightening shone at his eyes from inside the pot, the lightening was so bright that he had to drop the pot and used his hands to make shed for his eyes, That was when he woke up from the dream.

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Though it was in the dream that the lightening struck him but his eyes were affected even after waking up from the dream, after a little rubbing of the eyes, the effect went away. He sat up on his bed and wondered what kind of dream he just had, he wondered if it had further meaning or it was just a dream.

****Later That Day****

Many activities were going on around the palace, the maids going about their various tasks. The palace singer stayed right outside the throne room rendering songs  of praise to the Emperor, while some people stood in the throne room waiting for the Emperor’s arrival. After several minutes of waiting, the Emperor finally stepped out alongside one of his wives. Old age had taken it’s toll on Horanmiyan but he still looked very handsome. He gradually ascended his throne and after balancing well on it, he summoned for Agbedeh to step forward as he was the one that had been waiting to see him all day. Agbedeh stepped forward and bowed infront of the Emperor.

“Rise Agbede” Horanmiyan said with his voice that’s now faint and not as reverberating as it was in his glory days.

“I came bearing gifts Your majesty” Said Agbedeh who was almost as old as the Emperor, Agbedeh has been the blacksmith for the Royal Army of the Empire all his life, he had been the one making the shields, swords and every other weapon for the Empire’s army and also for the Emperor himself. His fame had  spread all over the Empire for his loyalty, and his proficiency in his works.

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“Bring it forth” Horanmiyan replied.

Agbedeh quickly went outside to bring the gift he told the Emperor about, the gift was enclosed in a container of sort, he quickly opened the container and brought out the gift as he handed it over to the Emperor.

Horanmiyan held the gift in his hands and was astonished at the beauty, purity and shape of the Weapon that Agbedeh presented to him. It was a rare blade, it could easily pass off as an Axe but it had more beauty and rigidity than an Axe, it had a  long handle that middled two sharp edges. “Woow,This is very beautiful Agbedeh” He continued caressing it in much more bewilderment and happiness but all of a sudden, his happy face became gloomy “It’s such a pity I can’t wield this anymore but I know someone who will cherish this with his life, guard, go and summon Jakuta for me” Happiness was restored to his face as he remembered that his son Jakuta had grown into a fine swordsman, one of the best in the whole empire, the only person that could match his fighting skills is Bonka.

Few moments later, Jakuta arrived at the throne room, quickly went to his father’s front and bowed before him.

“You sent for me, father” He said

Horanmiyan looked at him and happiness filled his soul, everything about Jakuta made him happy, even in his youth, he has one of the best physique in all the Empire, his perfectly weaved hair did more than just make him handsome but also made him look fierce. His deep voice was also a plus for him as most, if not all the maidens in all of the Empire and beyond wanted to have Jakuta has their Lord and husband but him on the other hand only has eyes for Rola’s maid whom he had not even seen for a very long time now.

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“Yes I did, Rise up my son” Horanmiyan replied “Come closer and open your palms”

Jakuta stepped closer to his father and outstretched his hands towards his father as he placed the axe in his hands.

“That’s a gift from Agbedeh here, to me” They all cast a glance at Agbedeh who just bowed his head a little in courtesy “But knowing very well I have no strength to wield a blade again, I therefore gift it out to you, kneel down my son”

Jakuta went down with both kneels with the axe on his outstretched opened palms while his father prayed for him.


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