God, the covenant was made before the world,
not even one was broken in the past days;
You made the pipe warmer like the dragon
Our heart cooler like the belly of the fish.
The forsaken yams bigger than the oil wells
In the innocent creeks of our guilty mother’
breast, make us great again like the Noah’s rain.
Make Nigeria great again as the mountain Everest
Teach us our paths, build our fences and coast,
We dreamt of a better Nigeria but only you can;
Only you can change Nigeria and Nigerians.
Listen to the sound of our footsteps astraying,
Hear the beat of our heart pushed to the wall,
If there are vegetable in the farmland it is for you,
Decorate our land those unfade flowers.
We need more yam to slice among our mouth,
Make us wash our hands in the same bowl not
One man for himself and his family alone!
We pledge to love you more like a father to a son,
Only you can change this land for better.
Such a jobless birds singing here is not our
Dream those lazy soldier ants roaming about
 is does not belong in this once flowing milk land.
We need a future for the next generation,
Make our land great lord we pray in unity!

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
      Voice Of Vincent 2016

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