No one could see who was inside the black SUV parked in front of the National theatre, iganmu. The glass was tinted and there was something ominous about the parked SUV. Ginger Finley was in the vehicle with two of her colleagues from the teaching hospital, Dr Vince and Dr Ufot. A scruffy looking man was at the steering wheel. He placed his hand on the wheel as he gently tapped it within five seconds interval.

‘we have been waiting for so long Dr Finley. It is getting dark’ Dr Vince said impatiently. He touched his forehead to wipe off a splash of sweat that had formed despite the vehicle’s cooling system

Ginger was silent and Dr Ufot who was beside her in the back seat looked at her face. She waited for a reply but Ginger wasn’t willing to give any. After a few minutes, Ginger tapped the driver.

‘stop those two girls’ she said with a gravel tone voice. 

Dr Vince turned back immediately and said ‘are you serious?’

‘why two? I thought we needed just one person. How do we overpower two?’ Dr Ufot added

‘Do you want those kidneys or not!’ Ginger yelled. Her breathing had increased and she used her hand to straighten her blonde locks. ‘Wodo! I want those girls!’ Ginger ordered the driver 

Wodo wind down the driver’s window and stuck his head outside to usher in the smelly air. The girls got  close to the car and he waved them down.

‘Hey! How do I get to the stadium beautiful damsels?’ Wodo said charmingly. Dr Vince rolled his eyes to express his disgust. He felt he had better pick up lines.

‘Don’t miss’ Ginger whispered as she prepared her tranquilizer gun. Dr Ufot had his gun ready too.

‘How the hell do we carry two bodies?’ Dr Vince said. Wodo was trying so hard to filter the noise and commotion in the SUV.

‘Ginger! Think this through!’ Dr Vince again 

One of the girls noticed the commotion in the car and urged the other girl to wrap up her discussion with Wodo.

‘Bidemi, je ka ma lo’  (Bidemi, let us go)

Wodo didn’t understand her, but he read her body language and smiled at her.

‘what is your name?’ He asked

She did not reply. He smiled and focused on Bidemi. Wodo caught the uneasy girl’s eyes peering into the car.

‘Ye! Ibon! Bidemi Ibon!’ (ye! gun! Bidemi gun!)  She shouted and grabbed Bidemi’s hand 

‘Ni suuru! Ibon ni bo? Jadesola!’ (Have patience! where is the gun) Bidemi said as jadesola pulled her along and away from the SUV

‘They are getting away!’ Ginger screamed and jumped down from the vehicle. She aimed the gun at Bidemi and fired. It hit her in the neck. She fell to the ground.

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