By Kingsley Godstime

So this is how it all ends
Like the echoes of a faint clap
There is nothing my tears could leave
Than a sad wanderings of wrinkles
I’m losing my breath and beat
I’m fading into your lonely dreams
I remember the first time we met
My lips left my tongue behind
Because of the shinning stars
Glittering from your crystal pores
My heart wandered
To the far, and the near
In search for a solace place
So we could build a universe
I called through this silence
And my words crossed a thousand seas to you
How I wish I had a voice
That breaks through mountains
I would call life back
So my body can melt into yours
But what profit shall it be for me
When I kept my feelings hostage
Till now that my eyes are wet
Ready to soak the earth with blood
But, if I make it to heaven
I will send you a paradise
So the vastness may tell
How much I have loved you

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