It was the 21st of September 2016 at exactly 5:00am I woke up with a start. My chest was beating heavily. I remembered what just echoed into my ears.
“Now it’s the time, the war of the ages. Arise darkness of the earth, fill the places with thy grief and take away the children of thy past beloved. Smash them into pieces, grease their head and their soul into the pit of destruction. Arise!!!”
I quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a black T shirt, packed my hair to the side and wore a pair of black sneakers then I carried my back pack into my back. I carefully slipped in the p-watcher in my left hand and inserted the les yeux (the eyes) into my eyes, it looked more like a contact lens. I was heading to the chapel to spend probably my last time at his feet in case I died during the period of rescue. I met mom and dad in the sitting room praying silently.
“I’m going to the church.” I announced. “I wont take long.”
“Hope you took your bag with you, in case……”
I nodded
 “Take care my dear. The lord be with you.” Dad kissed me on my check. Mom hugged me tightly and I felt I shouldn’t even continue whatever I had started.
“Leave  her alone, she’ll be fine.” Dad said and mom released me.
The chapel was just some few blocks away from our house, it was in the estate. The gates were open so I had no difficulty in getting inside. I knelt by the altar without uttering any word. My mind was just wandering and to be really honest, I was scared.
“Boom!” the whole area became filled with dust. Although it didn’t enter the church but I could see it through the windows of the chapel. This was what I had been waiting for. I ran outside and started choking. In few seconds the air was cleared but there was nobody or any strange being in sight. I moved a few steps further and saw something arising from a pit which I knew wasn’t there before.
Few people were already on their way to work but nobody seemed to pay attention. A form emerged from the pit, it was looking like a locust. More booms were heard and the dust filled the place. Everywhere suddenly became quiet just as the way it would be if a neighbor was been robbed. The dust cleared and the unusual beings became visible, they were probably up to 50 or more The locust looked like a horse ready for battle, on their heads was something like gold crowns and they had a human face. The hair was like a woman’s long hair and the teeth was like that of a lion. On the chest was an armor made of iron, they had wings that roared like an army of horse drawn chariots rushing into battle. I could hear screams of people echo in the estate.
I ran back to the church terrified. “I’m not ready for this Lord, I’m not. please help me.” I knelt down before the alter and sobbed. I was afraid I might not survive the next 30 minutes.
I heard a beep on  my left hand, a blue light appeared on la poitrine. That meant only one thing, one of the chosen was ready. I became calm a little bit since I was assured I was not in this alone and I wasn’t ready to let anyone think I was weak. I pressed a blue button and the face of a guy appeared faintly, I wore les yeux ( the eyes), it was more like a contact lens. A very handsome guy appeared, he should probably be in his mid-thirties, his side beards were neatly shaven and his eyes sparkled. You have guessed right, I was falling for him.
I smiled, exposing a set of white teeth. “My name is Tekome and I’m currently in Kogi state.”
“Why are you smiling? What’s funny? I suppose you have a situation over there that we have to reason together.” His voice was husky.
“Why is he so rude?” I wondered. I think the neurophytes have arrived and they are much larger than described and a little lost on what to do.” I said
“Holy Jeez…… How old are you?”
“How old are you?” he barked.
“16.” I answered, a  little irritated, who does he think he is? I hissed. I knew every chosen was bound to be intelligent but my new friend had chosen to be arrogant too.
“Did you hear what I said?” He asked. “ I said you should speak to them, negotiate first but of course they will definitely attack first.”
The la poitrine beeped 5 times and 5 people appeared. 2 older  girls and 3 men, we could see ourselves. One of them introduced himself as Marcus , he was from USA,jasmine was from India, Francis from Rome, Gisela from Australia and Sarah from North America.
I opened the door to the chapel and met one of the neurophytes standing some meters away from the chapel, with the others standing behind it.
“Mubtzu ni ha cam (Finally we have com), Na crito to solu fo nam (To take the soul and body of men). Its voice vibrated.
I stuttered.
“You can speak English or any language, we can understand.’
‘What has your coming to take the soul of man have to do with me?” I watched my back as I talked.
“Everything. I have come to warn you to back off, you have nothing, you can do nothing. You and your chosen will die like helpless chicken, not saving even your own self.” He hissed like a snake.
A part of me told me to run, I was undecided. I could hear my heartbeat more than its voice.
“No!” I screamed. I almost slapped myself for saying that . What was I thinking? I was angry with myself. I stepped back quietly and suddenly broke into a run. I guess I ran faster than a cheetah.

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 I woke up with a start this morning by 4am, had my bath and dressed up. Something was going to go off balance today and I was prepared for it. I packed a bag containing a wrapper, few shirts, my laptop, some money and of course all my dad gave to me. I had to find a way of escaping the company before I get locked in.
My room was 8 storey below the laboratory and the only exit I knew was going to take me through the lab but for 2 weeks the security had doubled making it completely impossible to take. I knew I had to find a way so I took my bag and opened the door. To my greatest dismay, I met Wesley grinning from ear to ear in front of me.


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