For boys of tomorrow who went,
forgive our ignorance of the old,
forgive us for taking the unripe
mangoes from the top of the trees.
Let your minds be written restfully,
the sky owes us an obligation to protect you.
The sun was once our enemy in the noon
that was why we overstepped and slept
with those innocent girls made for tomorrow.
We bred fears and our sins have purged us all-
We are the ancient keeper of the culture
yet, abuse it openly in the eyes of tomorrow,
for boys who went after us,
Ikemefuna will come again,
this time not from Okonkwo’ lineage;
for Okonkwo was weak even to himself.
Not through Kainene; for she lost her prestige.
Not after Inu-Ego; for she died longing for children.
Not through Kambili, for she was braver than earth.
We are imperfect because we are human
of breast milk.
The sins of your fathers shall be of secret,
It will not be used against you all.
Forgive us for the mistakes to come,
we have a dream that your dreams will be our dreams,
not of faith but of grace, grace of thought.
We’ve sinned before the creator but
arrange your hopes in an ancending order,
tomorrow holds a greater testament on your faces.
 Forgive us for marrying your mothers even before
their shy apples came out to see the dark earth.
If the moon has to cry,
let it be upon our head.
Put the blame on us, for we are human;
we are imperfect human of breast milk,
for butter is not meant for monkeys.


©John Chizoba vincent


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