By Kingsley Godstime

One would think I am jobless 
Just because I visit her always
They don’t know she’s the room that houses my heart

Anytime I am alone I think about her
Her image keeps appearing in my oblongata
Her beautiful face keeps popping in my mind
Even though I try to keep it off
I guess it is the work of her vegetable
I ate on her well decorated table

I can’t resist the beckon of her efo
I do not care about what people say
All I want is to be with her till the end of time
Seeing her each time I rise from my sleep

I will be her shield in cases of war
Her umbrella when there is a downpour 
Her comfort in discomfort 
Her pleasure in pains
Her laughter in sad times 
Her happiness amidst tears 
And even when we are both scared, she would always be safe.

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8 thoughts on “The Lover Boy

  1. I told u all this message will get her, wen I sent the message to her and wen she read it she just said OK. She was forming cos she was still angry with me, she now told me yesterday night about this message that wen she read it she was soo happy and she was laughing, I did some editing der sha,she was she soo much love it,she said she felt some sensation in her spine, she kan say she want more of it. Kudos to the writer Kingsley, May God bless u

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