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By Tomi Adesina

         KP and Dora were having lunch in the garden. They looked happy. At least, that’s what I think I saw. “Did you guys go to church?” I asked as I approached them.
                                “We did. Please join us for lunch.” KP offered.
                I smiled faintly. “I have a lot to do. Have fun guys.” I replied. Dora didn’t say a word as she returned to her lunch.  “Hi Dora”
                                “Hi sis.” She replied quietly.
                I probed her with my look. “Are you alright?”
                                “Yes, I am good” she replied with a quick nod.
                I shrugged and walked away. I immediately turned on my laptop and sent a message to the manager of the hotel where I intended to lodge Sameer. In the spirit of Muslim festive season, Sameer had insisted in wearing his turban into the country. I was trying to hide him from Chidi Obi’s guys. He wouldn’t bulge.
                He had said on our conversation on Skype. “Insha Allah, I will be in this Turban.” He said, displaying his Red and White Turban.
                                “It’s for your safety, Sameer.” I pleaded.
                He smiled. “If I die because of this, it’s for a good cause. Barka da Sallah”
                A staunch Muslim faithful can’t be unnerved.  I immediately dialed Tom Frost, the American that owned the exquisite ‘Emerald Hotels and Suites’ he had been a friend of the family for a while now. So I had asked him for a favour to bring Sameer in from Dubai from his trip as an escort. Sameer was dressed like a Muslim lady as he had insisted that he wanted his Turban on.
                Fifteen minutes later, Tom’s call came in. “Emerald Hotels Check! Suite 105.”
      “Copy.” I replied and cut the call. I was a bit skeptical about Sameer’s safety. I didn’t want his location compromised. I was going to meet up with them at the hotel in about an hour. I trusted Tom Frost to be a good host, but I wanted to see Sameer. I called a cab to pick me up.
                I arrived at the hotel in about 45 minutes and went up to Suite 501. Tom Frost had told me the Suite in reverse as 105 just in case we had a situation.
                                “Darlene Williams.” Sameer said as I stepped in with Tom Frost. “Good friend Tom here has been helpful.” He said, smiling at Tom.
                We ordered a bottle of champagne as we started our discussion. “How was your flight?”
                                “Swift. Thanks for the first class treatment.”
                I smiled. “You are welcome. All I want is for the truth to be told.”
                                “Obi is a bad man. He robbed Mr. Davis and I want to see him pay for his crimes.”
                We spoke at length before I decided to leave the hotel. “Please I want you to stay safe Sameer. No wanderings and please do your prayers indoors. After Wednesday, you’ll be free to return to Dubai.”
                                “Thanks a lot, Darlene.” He said. “I’ll be careful.” He added.
                I left for the bar where Mr. Davis was waiting.
                                “How is the witness?” he asked.
                I took a seat. “He is in good spirits. I advise we stay away from this hotel till the case is over; I don’t want us traced to Sameer. He is our only lifeline.”
                                “In that case, I suggest we take our leave. I am scared of my grand daughter’s life being in danger.” He said, standing up. “I just want my family safe.”
                I could understand Mr. Davis’s plight. Dotun and Wura had a baby girl, any crook would go after the weak link and probably have the child kidnapped or harmed. “Why don’t you fly them out?”
                                “I already made arrangements for them to love the country tomorrow, but I am concerned, there’s a lot of hours from tonight till tomorrow for Obi to strike.” He said as we strolled out. “How tight is Sameer’s security?”
                I rubbed my chin. “A guy is sharing his suite; two guys are staying opposite his Suite. I have some guys opposite the hotel watching from a distance. There’s a standby get-away vehicle just in case we get compromised.” I continued as I briefed him on the security details.
                                “Safe to say, Sameer is well guarded.”
                I nodded in agreement. “I have the best guys in the country guarding him. Just keep your family safe, Sameer will be fine, Insha Allah.” We chuckled softly and approached his Car.
Gunshots went off immediately from the pent suite of the hotel. Tunji Davis and I ducked quickly behind his car as we tried to hide. I stared at the shattered blood stain glass and it could only mean one thing, Sameer had been killed. Now we had to take cover. Tunji Davis and I tried to get into the car and he sped off.
“We are been chased, Mr. Davis.” I bleated.
                He took a quick peek through his mirror. “Reach for the glove box and get my gun. That should distract them a bit, I guess.”
                I tried reaching for the gun. “Here” I pointed it at him.
                                “Shoot at them”
                I shook my head in disagreement. “I don’t know how to use a gun.” I begged.
                                “Oh my God.” He sighed. “Please dial Dotun and tell him to vacate the house as soon as possible.”
                I immediately delivered the message to Mr. Davis’s son. Oil money is no joke! People kill for Oil. I sent a distress call to the police and tried calling my Dad.
                                “What is it, Darlene?” he asked desperately.
                                “Dad, we are being chased by some assassins.” I cried into the receiver.
                                “Your location.”
                I immediately provided him with the location and dropped the call. I slid over to the back seat and watched the vehicles chasing us frantically. Mr. Davis maintained a speed of 200km/hr and above and he was doing fine.
                Two vehicles were soon catching up and then we received a call from the police instructing us to lead them into an ambush. We drove right into the lonely dark street where the police men were in waiting and then turned off the engine. The vehicles stopped behind us. I said the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ repeatedly as some men approached Mr. Davis car from the parked vehicles.
                Mr. Davis smiled. “It was nice working with you.”
                I smiled back boldly. Gunshots went off bodies dropped like Dead birds that were hunted down. After there was calm, there was a light tap on the window.
                                “It’s the police here. You can come out.”
                We remained in the car and didn’t unlock it. If they were police indeed, there had to be a proof. My phone vibrated. I had put it on the vibrating mode immediately the chase started. Dad was calling.
                                “It is the Police honey, you guys can come out.”
                I wasn’t convinced. “How can you be so sure?”
                                “I just got a call from them that you are refusing to step out of the car.” He replied. I stared through the tinted glass and saw Police officers surrounding the vehicle and some taking notes of the killed men.
                Mr. Davis held his rifle boldly and pushed the door open. He shot into the air and the Police scrambled to the floor. I joined him outside staring at dead bodies of the assassins who chased us.
                                “Hi Darlene.” One of the police officers said.
                I turned to see his face. “Hey, I remember you. Officer Philip, right?”
                He nodded with a smile. “Ya. How’s Jake Behaving?”
                                “He’s been good since community service.”
                He raised an eyebrow. “For real? That guy doesn’t seem to me like one to change from his ways. He is a trouble shooter.”
                We both laughed. We were escorted home in the Police Van by Officer Philip. We dropped Mr. Davis off first, luckily, Dotun and his family had fled instantly on his Dad’s order. They had a chopper on their pent house so fleeing wasn’t a big deal for them.
                I rushed into Dad’s arm as soon as I got down from the truck. “It’s okay my angel, this is just a few of the slight things you might face as a lawyer.”
                I released myself from the hug. “Dad???”
                He smiled. “Of course D, what did you expect? We are talking about Oil here, that’s a demon on its own. So much money is involved baby.”
                I frowned.
                                “Okay, I am sorry. Are you alright?”
                I nodded. “Yes I am. Thanks Dad.”
Jake pulled up in his car and rushed to me. “Are you okay?”
                                “How did you hear about it?”
                He hissed and hugged me. “What do you care?” Jake and I left for the house while Dad spoke to the Policemen. Dora was waiting in the hallway.
                                “Darlene!” she said ecstatically and hugged me. “You had me scared to death.”
                ‘Yeah yeah…perfect chance to have my life in total, Jake would be all yours if I had died’ I thought. I released myself from the hug. “I am fine now. I need to take a shower.” I said, leaving for the stairs.
                                “I will make you something to drink.”
                I shrugged. “I don’t think I want anything.”
                                “Come on D, you need to take something.” She urged.
                I rolled my eyes. “I am too terrified to eat.” I replied.
                                “Darlene, you need something.” Jake said.
                I raise my hand up in defeat. “Fine.” I said and left for my room.
                I knelt down and offered a prayer to God for keeping me alive. I then put a call through to Tom’s phone. It went to the answering machine. “Sameer…” I murmured softly and broke down in tears. I had grown fond of my Arabian Witness. I loved his faith, will and strength and now he was no more. I remember him saying that if he died for this cause, it would be noble. How more noble could a man be? I thought.
  There was a light knock on my door. I opened it and saw Dare standing before me. I hugged him tightly.
                                “I am sorry.” He said, as he wiped my tears.
                                “I was so scared.” I confessed to him.
                Jake cleared his throat as he placed a glass of juice on the table. He had brought Dare upstairs and was standing behind Dare when I hugged him. “I’ll be in the kitchen.” He said, and closed the door after him.
                I led Dare to a seat. He cleared his throat and started, “Sameer is…”
                                “Don’t bother.” I said, sniffling.
                He took a deep breath. “Sameer is in my house.”
                I widened my eyes and smiled with so much joy. “Are you sure?”
                He nodded smiling. “Yes, Tom brought him over. They killed some guys and had to flee, luckily, they called the Firm and I picked them up.”
                I hugged Dare again. “Thank you” I whispered.
                                “Darlene, I love you and I don’t want you to get hurt.” He said. I slowly released myself from the hug and cleared my throat. “Could you please pass the juice?” I requested.
                Dare nodded and passed the glass of juice. “I’ll be downstairs.” He said and left for the door.
                                “Dare.” I called. He paused as he held the door knob. “Please don’t go.” He stared at me. “At least not now, I am a bit scared. Everything freaks me out now.”
                He sighed and took his seat. I stayed close to him and leaned on his shoulder into the night..
By Tomi Adesina
What a Sunday! Well, it’s Monday now. I had slept off on Dare’s Shoulder. I turned off the alarm. It had been buzzing since 5am, but I remained in bed until 6am. After my experience last night with those Assassins, I wouldn’t be maimed for sleeping till 8am. Should I?
                I grabbed my laptop and hurried for the kitchen. I was desperate to eat. Noodles, Oats, or Bread? I had to make a choice. I grabbed the Oats and immediately made a meal. 7:45AM!!! Now Dare would have my head for his own breakfast. I hurried downstairs and flung the gate open.
                                “Hi D.” Jake said, as I stepped out.
                I smiled. My Guardian Angel. “What are you doing here?” I asked.                                                                                                  
                                “Waiting for you.”
                I raised an eyebrow. “Are you kidding me? You don’t always have to wait for me.”
                                “I can’t let you walk the streets on your own. Come in.” he said, opening the door.
                I stared at him till he gestured to the car. “Come on Darlene. It’s me, your Jake. You are safe.” I smiled and stepped in.
                                “Thank you.” I said as he started the engine.
                I hurried into the elevator. It was already 9am. I had arrived late for work. I ignored Bola’s greetings and dropped my bag in the office.
                                “There’s a conference meeting.” She managed to say as I rushed towards the conference room.
                Dare was in the meeting with all the board members, this time, Mr. Ayodeji Ade-Cole was in attendance. “Good morning sirs.” I said as I pushed the door open. The board room was silent as they all stared at me. Dare was giving a presentation as I walked in.
                                “I am so sorry.” I said, clumsily.
                Dare rubbed his hair to indicate that I had my hair a bit ruffled. I immediately adjusted my hair and slid into a seat. “Where were we?” I asked indicating that the meeting continued.
Mr. Ayodeji Ade-Cole cleared his throat. “Ms. Williams, this is totally unacceptable! You can’t stroll in for a board meeting at 9am and you know that this concerns the court case on Wednesday. I am not happy.”
                                “Ahem!” Dare stuttered into the discussion. “Dad, erm…”
                Mr. Ayodeji Ade-Cole shot at Dare. “No DAD, its Sir!”
                                “I am sorry Sir, but, Ms. Williams here has been through a lot in the last 24 hours, she was chased by gun men and I fear it is relating to this case, so we might excuse her lateness a bit.” Dare said.
                There was a lot of murmuring among the board members. Dare’s Dad beckoned to him and then Dare came over to me. “Please step outside, I’ll send for you.”
                I nodded and exited the board room. I leaned against the door and took a deep breath. I just hoped that the board members might be a bit considerate. Dare joined me outside almost immediately.
                                “What did they say?” I asked.
                He took my hand and smiled. “Everything is okay.” He took me by the hand and we walked into the board room. He ushered me to a seat.
                                “I am sorry.” I apologized again.
                Mr. Ayodeji smiled. “Its fine Ms. Williams, I am sorry too.” The board meeting continued for the next hour and then all the members left the room leaving Dare and I. “Thanks for standing up for me.”
                He smiled at walked over to me. “Darlene, even if I didn’t do that for you, you would still find your way around them.” He said, taking my hand with a smile.
                                “Now what does that mean?” I asked, smiling in a sheepish manner.
                He looked at me with a great deal of seriousness. “You are a charmer.” The next few moments felt sensual in my stomach.
                                “Ahem! I’ll say you said so.” I said, leaving for the door.
                                “Why do you keep running away from the truth?” he asked, taking a seat.
                I paused and held the door handle. “What truth, Dare?”
                                “I know you care about me.”
                I smirked. “In your dreams.”
                                “That’s a start.” He said with a corny laughter.
                I shook my head and opened the door. Reina stood before me.
                                “We meet again.” She said with a cynical laugh.
                I rolled my eyes and tried to step out of the way but she stood in my way.
                                “Not too fast, I thought I told you to leave Ade-Cole Firm.” She started.
                I hissed. “I thought I would never see you again too.” I said.
                Dare joined us at the door. “Easy ladies, can we talk about this inside and not start up anything here.” He said ushering Reina and I into the board room.
                                “What do you want here, Reina?” Dare asked.
                She stared at him and smiled. “Baby, you know I come around anytime I feel like it.”
                                “Baby, you know I come around anytime I feel like it.” I mimicked sounding like a cartoon character.
                Reina covered her mouth in some sort of mocking laugh. “Did Ade-Cole’s Firm executive just sound like that?” she said as she laughed. “Honey, you need to grow up.” She said, laughing at me.
                                “I thought she sounded cute.” Dare said, defending me.
                Reina scoffed. “Baby, I am not surprised you are taking her side, it’s your first approach towards getting any girl you want, then you get her pregnant and then you kill her kid.” She said and wiped a tear from her eye.
                JEEZ!!! Reina is the world’s biggest hypocrite! Now she was set on making Dare feel bad.
                Dare raised his eye up. “Reina, I thought we have passed this issue on Tobi’s death.”
“Really? Every night I sleep and think of my son. He would still be alive if you had been a man and done what a man should do.” She shouted angrily.
                I stood up. “I think I should leave.”
                Reina laughed. “Oh please Darlene, you have to stay and know the kind of man you are going to be working and sleeping with, Slut.”
                                “I beg your pardon.” I said. NO ONE DARES THE WILLIAMS IN ME!
                Reina smiled. “The man you are going to be working AND sleeping with, SLUT!” she emphasized. She didn’t have to finish her line before I hit her in a school girl’s way – A SLAP!
                Reina rubbed her cheek. “That really hurt, Ms. Williams.” She said, as she took a seat. “But I am not gonna react, because I am classy and you are thrash.”
                Dare held his head. “STOP THIS!”
                                “You stop it Dare, this is your girlfriend or wife or whatever coming to the office to harass me, I am just a staff, is this also office policy?” I raged in anger.
                Dare stared at me and then smiled. “You care Darlene, you just called her my wife, and it shows that you care.”
                                “Why are men so dumb?” I asked as I cursed in Spanish.
                Reina swallowed. “Dare, are you really gonna end up with this girl?”
                Dare took his seat. “Reina, it’s not your business and I think you have overstayed.”
                                “It is my business! We shared a child together, Dare. I am concerned for you. This kid is rude.” She said, staring at me.
                I officially brand Reina a ‘Psycho’. She just called me a ‘KID’
                                “Reina, I won’t have you talk to Darlene in that manner.” Dare replied.
                She laughed and fetched her whisky from her bag.
                                “Reina, classy women don’t carry whisky around.” I said.
                She nodded as she gulped. “Dare is responsible for everything. Ever since Tobi left us, Dare became a monster, he stopped seeing me .” She said, as she drank. She choked slightly and continued. “This guy is not a man.”
                Dare bowed his head. “I thought you went for a reformation. Nothing has changed, Reina.”
                She laughed. “So you were expecting a change from a woman you destroyed.”
                I stared at them, not sure if it was pity or spite in my eyes. They both needed to sort themselves out. Dare stared at me. “She’s drunk.” He said.
                I smiled. “For all the right reasons, I guess.”
He scoffed and stared at Reina. “Reina, this is a board room, not some brothel downtown, so if you don’t mind, stop drinking.”
She laughed. “Now, you want me to stop drinking. You used to like me drink, you said I was hotter when I drank. Why are you making me look bad before Cinderella here?” She said, staring at me. “Or are you not Cinderella?” she asked, laughing.
                “This is not looking good. Do I call a Doctor?” I asked.
She let out a loud laugh and threw the can towards my direction. I dodged it swiftly and avoided a scar on my face. “You are lucky, Cinderella. Are you trying to say I am insane?” she said, stuttering.
     “It’s obvious that you are a bit on the down side and you need to get help as soon as possible.” Dare said as he approached her.
She held her hair and screamed. “I don’t need any help. All I need is Tobi, my son, our son!” she said, and sobbed gently.
                “Tobi is dead, and he’s not coming back to us. Please understand that Reina. You can’t keep flogging yourself over this.” He said, and hugged her.
She held on to him tightly. “Please don’t let me go, Dare. Marry me please; I want you in my life. I will die if you leave me, please baby.” She said, and kissed his neck.
This is officially a psycho case. Dare has his hand full with Reina, probably he’ll forget about whatever love he claims to feel for me. Reina needed help, not Dare’s love. If she claimed that Dare hurt her so much, I couldn’t understand why she wanted him so bad.
                “Dare is mine. He is mine…go away Cinderella.” She said.
I smiled faintly and headed for the door.
                “Darlene, you know Dare and I made our son in this board room and on this floor, this might just be our second baby. The rebirth of Tobi”
I was disgusted. There was an awful grimace on my face as I stared at them.
Dare angrily pushed her away. “I have had enough!” he yelled. “Tobi was not even MY SON!”
…to be continued
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